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Woman First

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Self Care & Wellness


Mastermind Sessions

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Entrepreneurship can be a lonely ​journey; you don't have to travel it ​alone.  Join a community of other ​women to grow your business in a ​safe and nurturing environment.

We know that building a business is a set of models, strategies, ​and systems, but being a woman is an ever-evolving journey.  As ​a woman, you were many hats- wife, mother, daughter, ​caretaker, aunt, sister, sister friend, and so on.  This could be an ​endless list; now add being an ENTREPRENEUR to the list.

There is a delicate balance in juggling it all while managing ​your personal growth and self-care.  WEC SUPPORTS women ​entrepreneurs on their JOURNEY.

There is Joy in the "Journey"

Trust the Process

Woman First

Provides a safe space for women to grow and develop.


Provides strategies and tools for business.


A supportive and nurturing community.

Membership to the Women's Empowerment Collective ​offers Monthly sessions for Entrepreneurs and Creators ​to help you grow your business while giving you the ​support you need- You are not ALONE!

*Open Studio hours for weekly meetups, content ​creation, and collaboration sessions.

*Open Studio hours vary weekly, consiting of day and evening hours.  As a member you will be given ​a weekly schedule of Open Studio times.

Towanda McEachern

Meet your Facilitator

Towanda coaches and facilitates workshops, retreats, and ​conferences on the Transformation Journey. Her life’s ​mission is to Teach, Enlighten, and Empower individuals ​through the power of transformation, restoration, healing, ​and forgiveness. She is the author of the “21 Day ​Transformation Journey” Lessons for your Soul.

She is also a business coach and specializes in helping ​entrepreneurs gain clarity, focus, and create systems for ​their business.

Towanda has received many awards and recognitions such as Proclamations from the State of New Jersey and the City of Newark Mayor’s Office.

She also received a Resolution from the Newark Municipal City Council for Women Making a Difference in their community and a host of other awards and acknowledgments for the empowerment of women.

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